HERPA Airliners scale models 1/500

This is the complete listing of the “Home-made” Herpa fleet of 1/500 model planes. Each model plane has been made from a base of existing models from various manufacturers.

The liveries are made to supplement my own collection in the 1/500 range. Each model is made in a sole exemplar and consequently is not for sale or swap.

Collecting is a question of time and money while modelling is more rewarding but it requires time, money and a lot of patience !
The present list will be upgraded as new models comes.

Ref. herpa compagnies Modčle Commentaires
514071 Adventskalender 2004 Junker JU52 with no registration "Iron Annie"
512756 AeBal Aerolineas Baleares 717-200 EC-HOA N/G
509664S Aer Lingus Vickers Viscount V808 EI-AJJ HW club 2/2003 "St Colmcille"
508681 Aer Lingus A321-211 "St Fergus" EI-CPC
508322 Aer Lingus A-330-300 "St. Birgid" EI-CRK
508322 Aer Lingus A-330-300 "St. Patrick" EI-DUB
509305 Aer Lingus F-50 EI-FKE "Commuter
514613 Aerocaribean  IL-18 CU-T1532  N/G
514491 Aero Lineas Argentinas DH Comet1V LV-AHP  N/G "Yesterday Series"
Aero Lloyd
SE-210 " Caravelle"
D-ABAK "Yesterday series"
501668 Aero Lloyd A-320-200 Old Colors
508759SA Aero lloyd A-321- «FC Bayern München » D-ALAM N/G
500321 Aero Lloyd A-321 "FC Bayern Műnchen" 2nd edition N/G
508674 Aero Lloyd A-321-100 New Colors s/s reg.
510639 Aero Lloyd A-321-100 D-ALAK "Trigema Set" N/G
513296 Aero Lloyd A-321--100 D-ALAL "Extra Shop limited model" N/G
510639 Aero Lloyd MD-83 D-ALLE "Trigema Set"
507608 Aero Lloyd MD-83 Old 6-Window Cockpit
513623 Aero Mexico DC-9-10 XA-SOH
503730 Aero Mexico 757-200 XA-HHH (same registration as 767)
502870 Aero Mexico 767-300ER XA-HHH, New Mould
514750 Aeroflot IL-62 CCCP-86671  N/G  "Yesterday serie"
510585 Aeroflot TU-134A RA-65566 N/G O/C
514354 Aeroflot TU-134A RA-65566 N/G N/C
510547 Aeroflot TU-154B CCCP-85390 N/G O/C
510707 Aeroflot AN-124 RA-82012 N/G
505819 Aeroflot 737-400 s/s Reg. N/G N/C
513081S Aeroflot 767-300 NG
504478 Aeroflot 767-300 VP-BDI N/G n/c
501057 Aeroflot A-310-300  
509091 Aeroflot A-319 VP-BWA N/G n/c
502191 Aeroflot A-320 VP-BDK N/G n:c
506571 Aeroflot 777-200 N/G
513333 Aero-Mexico 757-200 N490AM N/G Adbent calendar 02
514309 Africa One DC10-30 5X-ONE  N/G "Yesterday serie" part of two DC10 (Spantax)
502221 Air Arabia A-320 A6-ABA  N/G 
502528 Air Atlanta 747-200  
505567 Air Baltic 737-500 YL-BBA  N/G  "Well connected with SAS" Limited Edition
414941 Air Baltic F-50 YL-BAS  N:G " Advenkstkalender 2005" part of 4
501255 Air Berlin 737-400 D-ABAE White Engines, Old Mould, Old Windows
509350 Air Berlin Fokker F-100    D-AGPS  N/G 
514514 Air Berlin 737-700 D-ABBN  winglets N/G  "Dreamliner"
511193 Air Berlin 737-800 D-ABAH
511193 Air Berlin 737-800 D-ABAH ( DABAH on left side)
513073 Air Berlin 737-800 D-ABAT
513067 Air Berlin B737-800 D-ABAD With winglets N/G
510875 Air Berlin BAE-146-300 D-AWBA
508971 Air Bosna A-319  
512213 Air Bosna ATR-42 T9-ABF
500739 Air Canada 747-400 W1 Windows, Old Engines
500739 Air Canada 747-400 Same as above, C-GAGN
500739 Air Canada 747-400 C-GAGL with SCD N/G Star Alliance logo
504263 Air Canada 767-200 No door handles
504263 Air Canada 767-200 With door handles
504430 Air Canada 767-300 C-GBZR N/G "Free Spirit)
501521 Air Canada A-320-200 Old Colors
501620 Air Canada A-320-200 Big Grey Windows n/c
501620 Air Canada A-320-200 Small Grey Windows n/c
502146 Air Canada A-320-200 C-FFWN N/G "Symphony of voices"
508391 Air Canada A330-300 C-GFAF Star Alliance Logo
504546 Air Canada A-340-300  
507462 Air Canada A-340-500 C-GKOM N/G Star Alliance Logo
512800 Air Canada (TCA colors) A319-100 C-FZUH special retro colors all silver
514255 Air China 747-400 B-2447 N/G
502993 Air Do-Hokkaido 767-300ER JA98AD, With Stand
AO1HD Air Do-Hokkaido 767-300ER JA01HD N/G "Special colors"
508025 Air Dolomiti ATR-42 I-ADLM
512541 Air Dolomiti Canadair Jet I-ADJA
512350 Air Europa 737-800 EC-HJP
502740 Air Europe 767-300 Old engines and windows
506588 Air Europe 777-200 EI-CRS N/G
502511 Air Force One 747-200  
Air France
Lockheed 1649A
F-BBK Starliner Yesterday Serie  Limited Edition
502450 Air France Cargo 747-200F F-BPVV New Engines
510363 Air France Cargo 747-400F F-GIUA N/G
512558 Air France 747-400 N/G F-GITC Skyteam Logo
506557 Air France 777-200 F-GSPL N/G
506656 Air France 777-300ER F-GSQA
Air France"
SE-210 "Caravelle"
506120 Air France A-318 F-GUGA N/G
509060 Air France A319 F-GRHX N/G
501767 Air France A320 NG F-GKXC
508827 Air France A-321 F-GTAI N/G "Sky Team Logo"
508506 Air France A330-200 F-GZCB N/G
504676 Air France A340-300 F-GLZU N/G
514897 Air France A-380-800 F-HPJA
507028 Air France Concorde  
514040 Air France 737-500 F-GJNF N/G
Air France
508575 Air Greenland A-330-200 OY-GRN N/G
1707021S Air Hong-Kong 707-300C VR-HKK N/G
1707021S Air Hong-Kong 7478-200F VR-HKO N/G SCD o/c
1707021S Air Hong-Kong 747-200F B-HMD N/G SCD n/c
510660 Air India 707-300 VT-DSI N/G "Adventskalender 2003"
512091 Air India 747-400 VT-ESM "Konark"
501125 Air India A-310-300 VT-EJH "Tista"
504539 Air Lanka A-340-300 Old white engines, no cargo doors, no gear
504584 Air Lanka A-340-300 Flag on port side
513234 Air Littoral Canadair Jet  
514804 Air Luxor A330-300 CS-TMT  N/G  
506083 Air Madagascar 767-300 5R-MFG  N/C  N/G
-------- Air Macau A-320 "Cidade De Coimbra" CS-MAE
501798 Air Macau A-320 B-MAH " Macau 2005"
-------- Air Macau A-321 "Cidade De Macau" CS-MAA
508865 Air Macau A-321 B-MAJ  N/G "Easr Asian Games 2005"
504591 Air Mauritius A-340-300 Old grey engines, wrong livery
504591 Air Mauritius A-340-300 New white engines, correct livery
512114 Air Namibia 747-400 V5-NMA "Welwischia"
502573 Air Namibia 747-SP V5-SPF wrong wings No reg.
502573 Air Namibia 747-SP V5-SPF "Etosha" correct wings
502214 Air New Zealand A-320 ZK-OJA N/G  "Lord of the Kings-The return of the King"
511919 Air New Zealand 737-300 "Millenium" ZN-NGA
513531 Air New Zealand 737-200 ZK-NAB N/G
500678 Air New Zealand 747-400 Old colors, W1
500678 Air New Zealand 747-400 Same as above, ZK-SUH registration
500678 Air New Zealand 747-400 ZK-OOO registration
500678 Air New Zealand 747-400 ZK-NBV N/G
513654 Air New Zealand 747-400 ZK-NBV N/G " The Lord of the Rings"
513838 Air New Zealand 747-400 ZK-SUJ N/G " The Lord of the Rings"
502702 Air New Zealand 767-300 Old engines and windows
504447 Air New Zealand 767-300 NK-NCG N/G " The Lord of the Rings"
DH58002 Air Nippon Network Dash-8-300 JA802K "Sunflower" N/G
1707045 Air Nippon Network Dash-8-300 JA803K "Blue Suzuran"
1707046 Air Nippon Network Dash-8-300 JA804K "Green Cosmos"
YS51102 Air Nippon (ANK) YS-11A JA8772 "Hogan Model"
-------- Air Nippon (ANK) 737-400 « Island Dolphin »
-------- Air Nippon (ANK) A-320 JA8389
500968 Air Niugini A-310-300 W1 windows, old engines
512152 Air Nuigini A300-B4 P2-ANG "Big Bird"
510660 Air Pacific 767-300 DQ-FJC N/G "Adventskalender 2003"
512787 Air Pacific 747-200 DQ-FGE "Island of Viti Levu" N/G
513333 Air Plus A310-300 EC-GOT N/G Advent Calendar 02
504287 Air Seychelles 767-200ER Grey windows, S7-AAS "Isle of Aldabra"
512053 Air Seychellles 707-300 3rd Club Model S7-4HM
504287 Air Seychellles 767-200ER Black windows
513975 Air Spain DC8-21 EC-BXR N/G
507332 Air Tahiti Nui A-340-200 F-OITN
511971 Air Tahiti Nui ATR-42 F-OHJB
508049 Air Tahiti Nui ATR-72 F-OHJU
513463 AirTran 717-200 N956AT N/G
502184 Air Tran A-320 N381LF N/G
514743 Air Tran 737-700 N126AT  N/G
509244 Air UK F-100  
509244 Air UK F-100 G-UKFC
510905 Air Ukraine TU-134A-3 UR-65755
514026 Air Via TU-154-A LZ-MIG N/G
504232 Air Zimbabwe 767-200 Old windows and engines
501866 Airbus Fleet A-300-600 Old windows, old engines
501866 Airbus Fleet A-300-600 New Windows & New Engines
512077 Airbus Fleet A-300-600ST "Beluga" N°3
512084 Airbus Fleet A-300-600ST “Beluga” N°5
500999 Airbus Fleet A-310-300 Old windows and engines no registration
501163 Airbus Fleet A-310-300 New Windows and New Engines no registration
514125 Airbus Fleet A-318 F-WWIB N/G "What ever your size we have it"
508902 Airbus Fleet A-319 New engines
508957 Airbus Fleet A-319 1000th Single Aisle
501637 Airbus Fleet A-320-200 New engines
502129 Airbus Fleet A-320-200 N/G no regist.
508605 Airbus Fleet A-321 New engines
508605 Airbus Fleet A-321 N/G s/s Reg.
508308 Airbus Fleet A-330-300 O/G
514460 Airbus Fleet A-330-300 N/G  New Engines
504515 Airbus Fleet A-340-300 Small-style engines
505515 Airbus Fleet A-340-300 N/G
512343 Airbus Fleet A-340-600 F-WWCA N/G n/c Airbus logo and "Longer.Larger.Faster…."
501101 Aircalin A-310-300 F-OHPX
508544 Aircalin A-330-200 F-OHSD N/G
500210 Airlines of New Zealand DC-3 ZK-CAW "SPANZ"
519472 Airport Accessories I 19 Pieces Generic
519557 Airport Accessories II 30 Pieces Yellow Semi
501309 Alaska Airlines 737-400 N754AS, New Wings
505871 Alaska Airlines 737-900 N307AS N/G
505529 Alaska Airlines 737-400 N774AS N/G "Alaskaair.com" n/c
502672 Alitalia 747-200 "Baci" I-DCMF
502689 Alitalia 747-200 "Bulgari" I-DEMS, In Tin Box
503075 Alitalia 747-200B  
510356S Alitala 777-200 I-DISE "Taormina" N/G
506618 Alitalia 777-200 I-DISA  "Taormina"  N/G
508636 Alitalia A-321 Silver wings, new engines
508698 Alitalia A-321 White wings, Team logo
510356S Alitalia A-321 Box of 2 planes B777 & A321
510998 Alitalia/Continental DC10.30 N68060 N/G
501343 Alitalia MD-11 Team logo
511391 Alitalia MD-82 Team logo
YS51103 All Nippon Airways YS-11A JA8761 "Hogan Model"
-------- All Nippon Airways 727-200 JA8355 o/c "Mohican head" N/G
NH50015 All Nippon Airways 727-200 JA8355 n/c N/G
500042 All Nippon Airways 747-400 JA8962 N/G n/c
-------- All Nippon Airways 747-400 JA8962 "Pokémon" International versiion
------- All Nippon Airways 747-400D JA8964 "Pokémon" domestic version
NH50030 All Nippon Airways 747-400 JA8957 "Pikachu Jumbo" N/G
550011 All Nippon Airways 747SR-100 Old colors, new engines, JA8136
NH50016 All Nippon Airways 767-300F JA-601F Cargo N/G
500097 All Nippon Airways 767-300 Star Alliane Livery, JA8290
500028 All Nippon Airways 777-200 JA8197
NH50017 All Nippon Airways 777-200 JA702A N/G
-------- All Nippon Airways 777-300 JA753A Standard colors N/G
500035 All Nippon Airways 777-300 JA751A Colors
500059 All Nippon Airways L-1011 Old Colors, JA8509
500066 All Nippon Airways L-1011 New colors, JA8509
513029 Aloha 737-700 N738AL "Kuapaka'a" N/G
511471/1707031 Amakusa Airlines DHC-8-103 JA81AM N/G
503877 America West Airlines 757-200 N909AW N/G
503302 America West Airlines 737-200 O/C new windows & box
503884 America West Airlines 757-200 N908AW N/G n/c “Arizona Cardinals”
513289 America West Airlines 757-200 N9OIAW N/G "Arizona"
513432 America West Airlines 757-200 N905AW N/G "Ohio"
510530 America West Airlines 757-200 N902AW N/G "Teamwork"
503136 American Airlines 727-200 N719AA
511469 American Airlines 737-800  
505765 American Airlines 737-800 NG N951AA "Old deco"
504003 American Airlines 747-SP N602AA N/G
503846 American Airlines 757-200 "Lightning Bolt" N679AN
512718 American Airlines 757-200 N694AN
504294 American Airlines 767-200  
506397 American Airlines 777-200  
506663 American Airlines 777-200 N777AN N/G
501941 American Airlines A300-600 N7082A N/G Model Club N°1/02
511094 American Airlines DC-3 NC18141 o/c " Flagship Knoxville"
503389 American Airlines MD-11  
503389 American Airlines MD-11 N1767A
509329 American Airlines Fokker 100 N1467A N/G
513203 American Eagle Airlines ATR-72 N270AT
513586 American Eagle Airlines CRJ-700 N500AE
514101 American Overseas A. Boeing 377 N90941 N/G "Yesterday serie"