Airliners scale models 1/200

Started collectionning & modelling in that scale with the Super Dinky-Toys such as the Super-Constellation L1049G, the Bristol Britannia , the Vickers Viking & Viscount. Dehavilland Comet, SE 210 Caravelle, Avro York & Nord 2501. These models were near the 1/200 scale but no more than toys and to obtain a good model out of them you had to modify their landing gears sometime strech them (Comet 1 to 3 & 4) and of course repaint and decorate them .

Nowadays there is quite a large choice of models available, among them I lke the Western Models which are accurate to scale and made realistically.Looking for airlines not being reproduced by WM I just used their moulds and made my own.

For modelling I use the same technique as for the 1/500 ( see part 1) .In that scale alone I have more thazn 800 planes ,many having been custom made.

1/200 fleet list