Airliners scale models 1/500

This is the complete listing of the “Home-made” fleet of 1/500 model planes. Each model plane has been made from a base of existing models from various manufacturers.

The liveries are made to supplement my own collection in the 1/500 range. Each model is made in a sole exemplar and consequently is not for sale or swap.

Collecting is a question of time and money while modelling is more rewarding but it requires time, money and a lot of patience !
The present list will be upgraded as new models comes.

A/C Airlines Remarks Photos
A300-B4 Aerocondor Colombia  

DC10-30 Aeroflot  
A310-200 Aerolineas Argentinas  
B747-200 Aerolineas Argentinas  
B747-SP Aerolineas Argentinas  
B767- 200 Aeromaritime  
DC10-30 Aero Mexico  
DC8-53 Air Afrique  
A300-B4 Air Afrique  
A310-300 Air Afrique  
B727-200 Air Afrique  
DC10-30 Air Afrique  
A300-B2 Air Algérie  
A300-B2 Airbus Fleet  First presentation livery
A300-B4 Air Charter Int.  
B747-SP Air China  
B767-300 Air China  
DC10-30 Air Florida  
A300-B2 Air France o/c delivery
A300-B4 Air France o/c
A310-300 Air France  
A319 Air France  
A320 Air France  
A321 Air France  
A340-200 Air France Asie  
A340-300 Air France  
A380 Air France
B707-300 Air France o/c delivery
B727-200 Air France o/c delivery
B727-200 Air France  
B737-200 Air France  
B737-300 Air France  
B737-500 Air France  
B747-200 Air France o/c delivery
B747-200 Air France  
B747-300 Air France  
B747-400 Air France Asie  
B767-300 Air France  
B767-300 Air France trial livery "grey cheat line"
B777-200 Air France  
DC3 Air France o/c
DC4 Air France o/c
DC10-30 Air France  
Vickers "Viscount" Air France o/c
B727-200 ACI sticker AF/Air Inter
B747-200 Air Gabon  
B747-200 Air Hong-Kong o/c
B747-200 Air Hong-Kong n/c
A300-B4 Air India  
A310-300 Air India  
A300-B4 Air Inter  
Vickers "Viscount" Air Inter  
A300-B4 Air Jamaica  
A300-600 Air Liberte  
A310-300 Air Liberté  
DC-10-30 Air Liberté  
MD-83 Air Liberté  
B747-200  Air Madagascar  
A300-B4 Air Maldives
B767-200 Air New-Zealand  
B747-SP Air Mauritius  
B747-200 Air Pacific with Qantas sticker
A300-B4 Air Seychelles  
A300-B2 Air Siam  
A300-B4 Air Tunisie  
A300-B4 Air Vietnam  
B767-200 Air Vietnam  
DC10-30 Air Zaïr o/c
DC10-30 Air Zambia  
A300-B4 Alfa
B727-200 Alaska Airlines o/c Eskimau
A300-B4 Alitalia  
B727-200 Alitalia  
A300-B4 AMC  
B747-200 American  
A300-B4 American  
A300-600 American  
LIOII American Transair o/c
B747-200 America West  
B727-200 ANA "Mohican Head"
B747-400 ANA "Snoopy"
B747-300 Angola Airlines  (TAG)  
B727-200 Ansett o/c
A340-200 AOM  
DC10-30 AOM  
DC10-30 AOM "World Wildlife Fund"
MD-83 AOM  
MD-83 AOM "Alizée"
DC10-30 Ariana Afgan A.
A300-B4 Australian  
A310-300 Austrian o/c
B747-200 Atlas Air o/c
B747-400 Atlas Air o/c
B747-200 Avianca o/c delivery
DC10-30 Balair o/c
B767-200 Balkan  
B747-200 British Caledonian  
B767-200 Braathens  
LIOII-500 BWIA o:c
A310-200 CAAC  
B747-300 Cameroun Airlines
B707-300 Cathay Pacific o:c
B747-200 Cathay Pacific o/c
LIOII Cathay Pacific o/c
A300-B4 Carnival  
A300-B4 China Airlines  
F100 China Eastern  
A320 China Eastern  
A310-300 China Eastern  
MD11 China Eastern  
A300-B4 China Northern  
A300-B4 China Northwest  
B767-200 China Southern  
B777-200 China Southern  
A340-300 China Southwest  
A300-B4 Condor  
A300-B4 Conair  
A300-B4 Continental Airlines o/c delivery
B747-100 Continental Airlines o/c delivery
A330-200 Corsair  
B747-200 Corsair  
B747-300 Corsair  
B747-SP Corsair  
B737-300 Corsair  
DC10-30 Corsair  
B747-200 CP Air  
A400-B4 Cruzeiro