Trolleys compared to railroad models have always been lacking a range of choice and in Europe were almost non existing . Nevertheless in USA quite a large selection of models were available in HO or O gauge.Most of them were made of brass and assembled by hand. They were imported from Japan and being quite expenssive their importers were often proceeding by subscription .

In the sixties I had access to an electrolysis shop were I started to make my own streetcars . I obtained bodies thick enough to get the necessary rigidity (but very difficult to assemble) and I succeeded to make in pure copper several replicas of the trolleys which used to run in some of the main French cities.

Altogether I could reproduce around 10 different types with many variants and combined with the one bought in the Usa or Japan I built up quite a large HO network...

I also modified many models to obtain a fleet of "Works Trolleys" wich added to the life of the layout.

Animated pictures kuidly giver by Mr.F.Durante