American Trolleys

Brazil Trolleys

Porto-Alégre Brill "Master" Double truck Motorcar "Brill Master" Transfered from various US Cities

Rio de Janeiro

Double truck open bench Motorcar Doubhle Truck Bench Open Trolley
Sao-Paulo Motorcar  ex-New-York TAR

(Modified from "Huffliner")

New-York Huffliner modified to Single End Ops

Canada Trolleys

Montreal Motorcar inter. " Montreal & Southern Counties"

Motorcar Interurban

Montreal Southern Counties Commuter Montreal Southern Counties Commuter
Toronto Motorcar  "Peter Witt 2580" "Peter Witt"  type single end double truck "Peter Witt" type Single End Double Truck

USA Trolleys

   "Peter Witt" Double truck Single End
     Brill  Double Truck Double Ended
"Peter Witt" & Brill

    "Curved Side" & Brill "Master"
"Curved Side" & Brill  "Master"
Boston  "MTA" Motorcar "Old Timer"

Motorcar type 6000/CE

Motorcar type 4

Motorcar type 5

Motorcar type PCC

Boston elevated "two room & a Bath"

Boston type 4 Snow-Plow

Old Timer

Boston type 4 and Central entrance Trolleys

Boston Central Entrance and type 4 Trolleys

Double Ended Double Truck Type 5

Boston Double Truck Double ended Type 5

Boston PCC

Boston "Two-room-&-Bath"

Boston modified type 4 Snow-Plow

Buffalo Rochester & Lockport Double truck Intrerurban Motorcar (Arched windows) BLR Commuter Double Ended Double Truck BLR Commuter
Double  TRuck Double Ended "Peter Witt"
Detroit Peter Witt Double Ended Double Truck  Detroilt Peter Witt

Trolleys with one or two man operation

CSL Court & long Brill

CSL Pullman


CSL One agent and two agents operations

Chicago CSL "Short & Long Brill

Chicago CSL "Pullman"

Chicago CSL PCC

Cincinnati Motorcar ""Curved Side"

Cincinnati lawrenceberg & Aurora Lightweight Int.

Double Truck &  Double Ended Curved Side Lightweight Interub CL&A
Dallas Motocar PCC reverssible

Double ended PCC motorcar

Double Ended PCC
Indianapolis Indiana Railroad   Interurban trolley Indianapolis-Ft Wayne    Interurban trolley Indianapolis-Ft WayneDouble Truck Double Ended Cars
Los Angeles Pacific Electric "Holllywood"

Pacific Electric " Huntington"

Los Angeles Railways type L

Pacific Electric "100"

Pacific Electirc Birney "Safety car"

Trolley Los Angeles "Hollywood"

Pacific Electic "Huntington" Double Ended Double Truck

Los Angeles Railways Double Truck Double ended

Trolley Birney "Safety car"

Pacific Electirc Double ended double truck Type 100

Pacific Electric  Double Ended PCC and Type 100

Minneapolis Standard Car Type 400

Type 400 Double Truck Single End

Type 400 Double Truck Single End

Newark PCC "NJ Transit" New-Jersey Transit  PCC New-Jersey Transit PCC PCC  of NJT
New Orleans

Double truck 800 type  Motorcar  "Pearly Thomas"

Double truck ex-800 "RiverFront" Line

New Orleans type 800 "Pearly Thomas"

"Pearly Thomas" double Truck double Ended Car

"River Front" Line

"River Front"  Line

New-York "Brooklyn & Queens" Brooklyn 2570

Peter Witt 8000's Serie

Tram Brooklyn "Laconia"

Tram Brooklyn & Queens "8000" Type

Tram Brooklyn & Queens "8000" Type

New-York "TAR" Motorcar  PW "Huffliner";
Motorcar Metropomitan
Motorcar 1200 & 500

Motorcar "Convertible"

TAR "Huffliner" Double Truck Double Ended Car

TAR " Metropolitan" Single Truck Double Ended Trolley

TAR 1200 & 500 Double Truck & Double Ended

TAR  Brill "Convertible" Double Truck D. Ended

Philadelphia SEPTA PCC Motorcar PCC Motorcar  PCC
Pittsburgh Double Truck  "Jones"
Single End & Double Ended
Double Truck Double Ended & Single End "Jones" Car
Richmond (VA) Birney "Safety Car"

double truck

Birney Safetycar
                   Brill "Master"
            Brill "Master"
San Diego "400" type  Motorcar 400 Type  San Diego 400 Type
 San Fransisco Motrice Brill 


Twin boddy "Boeing" Motorcar 

Trolley Brill San Francisco San Francisco Cable car

Tram Boeing San Francisco

Brill Trolleys On US network Brill SBT trolley Brill trolley

Brill trolley

Birney Trolley   Birney Safety Car  Double Ended double Truck Birney Safety Car

Bench Open Trolleys

Bench Open Trolley Bench Open Trolley Bench Open Trolley

Bench Open Trolley

Bench Open Trolley Bench Open Trolley

New-York saga TAR 600

New-York TAR 600 Vienne ex-TAR 600 Bombay ex New-York 600
   TAR 600 series (626-645 & 646-685)
   40 ex-TAR 600 Series went to Vienna
    15 ex-TAR 600 series went to Bombay

Variants PCC

Boston PCC  NEW-YORK Bronx PCC Philadelphia PCC
New Jersey  Transit PCC Dallas Double Ended PCC Pacific Electric Double Ended PCC