French Trolleys

Most Trolleys of this part are custom made by electrolysis process & are in pure copper

Aix-Marseille Motorcar & Trailer "CEF" Interurban Marseille-Aix Motorcar "CEF" and trailer Interurban Marseille-Aix

Single-end motorcars coupled back to back

Single Truck Motorcar "Delmiez"

Single truck Motorcar in MU Single Truck Double Ended motorcar "Standard"

"Delmiez" Single Truck  D. Ended Cent. Ent.Motorcar


Single truck double ended
Single Truck Double Ended motorcar
Clermont-Ferrand Double truck Motorcar ex-Rodez Double truck double ended Motorcar ex-Rodez


   Double Ended Single trck De Dietrich

                        Single truck double ended De DietrichDe Dietrich Motorcar & Petolat Trailer


Heavy Duty Motorcars


Single Truck Double Ended "Shuttle" Motorcar  Double truck double ended Motorcar
 Open End Double Truck Double Ended Car and Trailer

Fentsch (Valley of ) STBM Motorcar "Nanterre"
Motorcar MAN (21-25)
Single Truck AEG & Cent. Entrance Motorcars
Grāce Motorcar (similar to GS type of Paris) & openbench trailer S.Truck D. Ended Cent.Ent. Car and Open Trailer
Le Havre Open-end Motor car Open End Single Truck Double Ended Car

Buire single truck & Nivelles trailers

Double truck Motorcar 390 "Marcinelle"

Motorcars & trailers were similar to L/A type of Paris

Double Ended Double truck "Lyon" Prototype 

Double Ended Double Truck "Lyon" Production Motorcars

Single Truck Double Ended "Buire" Car "Nivelle" Trailers

Motorcar and trailer "Marcinelle"

Double truck double ended Cent. Entrance. Car"Lyon" Production  Car Double Truck Double Ended


Tramways of Marseilles

"Open bench" Brill motorcar

Double truck Open bench

Double truck 1200 type 1924 "Dōme" o/c & n/c

Motrice 1500 & remorque "Coder"

1500 series Motrocar & "Coder" trailer

Motrice 1200 "Lanterneaux"

Motorcar 1200 "Standard" & Trailer Asl (ex-Paris)

Motorcar 1500 & Trailer "Orleans type"

Batch of Marseilles Tramways

Brill Bench Open Trolley


"Brill"Double Ended Double Truck Bench Open Car

Brill Double Truck Bench OpenTrolley

"1500" Cars "Orleans" Trail. "B" & "Brill" Bench Open Cars

D. Truck D.Ended Car "1200" o/c & n/c "1500" Single Truck D. Ended Cars & "Coder" Trailers

1920 "Deck Roof" 1200 D. Truck D. Ended Car 1200 "1924" D. Truck Double Ended Car

1200 & Asl Trailer (ex-Paris) "1500" D. Ended S.Truck Car & Trailer "Orleans"

Metz Single truck Motorcar AEG AEG Single Truck Double Ended Car


Double Truck Max-Mini dDouble Ended
Double Truck Max-Mini Double Ended
Mulhouse Single truck Motorcar

Double truck Interurban Motorcar

Single Truck Double Ended Car

Interurban Double Truck  Double Ended Motorcar



           Single truck Interurban

Double Ended Single Truck on Suburban network

Nice Thomson-Houston Motorcar & CFN trailer

L type Motorcar ( Built from Paris L type )

Trailer I type ( built from Paris As type)

Thomson-Houston Interurban Motorcar

Single Truck Open End Thomson Car & trailer CFN S.Truck Cent.Ent.CAR & EX-Paris Asl Trailer

D.Truck D.Ended Interurban Car Thomson-Houston


Double Deck Double Truck Motorcar

Double Deck Double Truck Double Ended Motorcar


Single Truck Open Ended

Single Truck Double Open Ended


Single Truck TO ex TPDMotorcarCGPT 500 became STCRP 500

B type Motorcar

Trailer Asl with single end for G or L coupling

Deckroof G type Motorcar

"Unsymmetrical" B type

Single truck L type Motorcar

Motorcar L

D.Ended S.Truck Car "TO" ex TPDS

Double Truck Double Ended M500 CGPT became STCRP

Dyssimetrical Body D.Ended D.TruckC..Ent."B" Type.

Double Truck Asl Trailer C.Ent.One End Motroman OP.

Several types of 1920-1939 Motorcars and trailers

S.Truck Cent.E."G" Type & Asl Trailer with Single End

D.Ended D.Truck. Cent.E. Dyssimetrical Body "B" Type D.Ended S.Truck Cent.ent. L TypeSingle Truck Double Ended Motorcar Class L

Rouen Motorcar L & Asl Trailer (ex-Paris) "L" Car & Asl Trailer ex-Paris


   Single truck Motorcar (ex-Nancy)              

Double ended single truck motorcar

Saint Quentin "Nanterre" single truck Motorcar S.Truck D.Ended Cent.Ent Car "Nanterre"


AEG Single truck & trailers 

Motorcar "De Dietrich"

Trailer "De Dietrich"

Motorcar  "De Dietrich"

Trailer Franco Belge

 "Herbrand" O.end D.Ended S.Truck Car & Trailers "De Dietrich" S.Truck D.Ended Car Motorcars & Trailers  De Dietrich & O.End Trailer
Motorcars & Trailers  De Dietrich & Franco Belge
Strasbourg Tramways
Toulouse Satramo Single truck motorcar Single truck  Double Ended "Satramo" Car
Toulon Motorcar type SAFT S.Truck D.Ended "SAFT" Car
Single Truck Motor Car
SingleTruck Double Ended Car
Versailles Single truck double ended "Postel-Vinay" rebuilt 1933 cars 10 to 21 Car 19

Single Truck Motorcar "Postel-Vinay"
Rebuilt with closed entrance N° 1 to 9

Single Truck & Double Ended Car N°19Single Truck Postei Vinay

Hamo-Marklin Saga

Many of my Hamo/Märklin Models  have been modified and rebuilt.

Genuine & modified Hamo/Märklin